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2019 Jack Daniel's Holiday Countdown Calendar

  2 minute read 2019 Jack Daniel's Holiday Countdown Calendar

For 2019 Jack Daniel’s has brought their holiday (advent) calendar across the pond to the United States! They’ve also made it available elsewhere around the globe this year as well, where I believe primarily over the past couple of years it was only available in the UK (I could be wrong on that fact).

I spent quite a bit of time this fall trying to find this calendar in the St. Louis market, but no stores that I talked to knew anything about it, and from what I can tell no one in the St. Louis market got any in for sale. I ended up driving to Memphis a few weeks back and picked up 3 for myself. 1 to open (see my instagram feed for the daily opening), 1 to keep, and 1 to have as a tradeable item in the future.

The countdown calendar comes with 20 50ML bottles, and 4 shot glasses. The bottles are a mix of Tennessee Honey, Old #7, Tennessee Fire, Gentleman Jack, Single Barrel Select and Rye.

The front of the box reads

Jack Daniel Distillery Lynchburg Tenn.
Holiday Countdown Calendar

The back has the logos, and a description of each of the various libations along with:

Happy Holidays from Our Family to Yours
In Lynchburg, Tennessee, the holidays are about traditions old and new. While old traditions warm the heart, there’s something special about starting a new one. We hope that as you open a new calendar door, you’ll share a toast with the folks closest to you.

Each day, the 1st through the 24th, has a separate door that you open to find the present for the day. In the first week or so you’ll find three shot glasses, the fourth one comes later in the month. The doors can be a little difficult to open without causing bending of the cardboard, but if you’re careful it can be done.

If you can get your hands on one of these countdown calendars, enjoy! Overseas they can be found in a variety of locations at a discount as the month is half over, here in the US though they appear to still be hard to find.

Happy Holidays!

Release: 2019
Proof: Varies
Size: 20 x 50ml
Price: $90

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