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Blackened American Whiskey Batch 106 S&M2

  2 minute read Blackened American Whiskey Batch 106 S&M2

In getting ready for this post I realized this is the first time I’ve actually blogged about Blackened. I’ve had a few bottles over the past couple of years, and will document some of those later on, but for now, here’s batch 106.

Blackened American Whiskey is a collaboration of whiskey between Metallica and the late Dave Pickerell. The premise is that the whiskey is finished in black brandy casks and blasted with low frequency sound waves of Metallica’s music. Batch 106 is special because it is the S&M 2 release, marking the release of Metallica’s S&M Concert with the San Francisco Symphony. The whiskey was finished with the music from that event, originally recorded in September 2019.

The post covers the release of Batch 106 with a black box and artwork on the box. It didn’t come with the S&M 2 vinyl, but I had already ordered that separate from Metallica.

The front of the box reads:

Limited Edition S&M2 Blackened A Blend Of Straight Whiskeys Finished in Black Brandy Casks Re-mastered by Dave Pickerell 750 ML 45% ALC/VOL (90 Proof)

The sides of the box don’t have any dedicated text on them.

The back of the box reads:

S&M2 Blackened American Whiskey Metallica and San Francisco Symphony’s S&M2 Live Playlist As Features In Batch 106 Each batch of Blackened uses Metallica’s music to literally shape the whiskey. Using the proprietary sonic-enhancement process Black NoiseTM, the low hertz frequencies pummel the black brandy casks during the finishing, extracting more flavor form the wood. Visit to learn how you can receive a limited edition S&M T-Shirt commemorating this very special batch. @BlackenedAmericanWhiskey #WhiskeyRemastered Please Enjoy Responsibly.

The blackened bottle is a round 750ml glass bottle, this one doesn’t differ from previous batches except for the label on the neck designating Batch 106.

The front of the bottle reads:

Batch 106 Blackened A blend of straight whiskeys finished in black brandy casks Re-mastered by Dave Pickerell 750 ML 45% ALC/VOL (90 Proof)

The back of the bottle reads:

Blacken The World Blackened. A bold collaboration of the finest, hand selected whiskeys. An unrivaled composition of craft & creativity. Born in cask, forged by sound. Bottled by Sweet Amber Distilling Co. Mineville, NY.

There was apparently as Cask strength version of Batch 106 available at a single retailer in Kentucky and one in Florida, I don’t have any additional info on that at this time.

S&M2 BATCH 106 Cask Strength

NOV / Kroger Wine & Spirits (Chris’ Pick), KY NOV / Luekens Wine & Spirits, FL

If you’re looking for Blackened American Whiskey Batch 106, it can still be found online. Cask Cartel shows it at $149 as of February 2021.


Release: 2020
Proof: 90 Size: 750ml
Price: $49

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