Jack Daniel Distillery 150th Anniversary

1866 to 1916

Posted by christoc on July 17, 2019

In 2016 Jack Daniel’s celebrated the 150th anniversary of the Jack Daniel’s Distillery in Lynchburg, TN. They commemorated this with a special edition bottle in a black and gold label.

The front of the bottle reads:

Jack Daniel’s

1866 150th 2016

Anniversary of the Jack Daniel Distillery

A Special 86 Proof Old No.7

Tennessee Whiskey

Distilled & Bottled By

Jack Daniel Distillery

Lynchburg, Tennessee, USA

43% Alc By Vol. (86 Proof)

The right side of the bottle reads:

This Special Eight-six Proof Old No.7 Is a Tribute to a Legacy of Whiskey Craftsmanship & The Birthplace of an American Classic

The left side reads:

The year 2016 Marks 150 Years of Jack Daniel Distillery The Oldest Registered Distillery in The United States of America

I don’t believe the bottle was limited in release, and was likely available in all 50 states. I haven’t seen one on a shelf in quite a few years however. You can find it online for around $130.

Release: 2016
Proof: 86
Size: 750ml
Price: $24.99