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Gentleman Jack Limited Edition Time Piece Bottle

  3 minute read Gentleman Jack Limited Edition Time Piece Bottle

One of the things I want to do here on this blog is document the various Jack Daniel’s collectables, primarily bottles, that I’ve managed to acquire over time. This is the first post in that series.

In 2017, Jack Daniel’s announced/released a new bottle in the Gentleman Jack product line, called The Limited Edition Gentleman Jack, often referred to as the Time Piece. The bottle markings on the packaging of the bottle are reminiscent of the pocket watch that Jack Daniel carried around.

I had trouble trying to locate the bottle here in St. Louis, checking all the local liquor stores, along with the big box Total Wine locations. In March of 2018 I was driving to Georgia for an autocross event with a buddy of mine, and stopped to buy a car in Murfreesboro Tennessee. While at the dealer, I asked my sales guy where I could find a decent liquor store, so that I could try to find the Time Piece. He sent me a few streets over, and I found a bottle of Tennessee Rye which I hadn’t seen before, but no Time Piece to be found. It was getting late in the day, and I was hoping to try to swing by the Distillery (my buddy who drove me to Murfreesboro had headed down there while I was doing paperwork on the car), but I wasn’t sure if I could make it down before the White Rabbit bottle shop closed.

I decided I would try another liquor store on the way over to Lynchburg. At this store I asked the guys behind the counter if they had a Time Piece bottle. One guy said yes he did, but it was in his private collection, and not for sale. I looked around the store, picked up something there (can’t recall which bottle) and then checked out. While checking out he mentioned that there was a place near Shelbyville, called Celebration Liquors that might have the bottle. It was on my way to Lynchburg, so I decided I was for sure stopping when I got there. Upon arrival I looked around the store, but couldn’t find the bottle. I asked the girl behind the counter if she knew anything about the bottle, but she didn’t know what it was. If I recall correctly, she did however offer to call the owner, and he told her the bottle was right behind her.

We both had missed it sitting there on a shelf behind the counter. Score! I was able to purchase one bottle of the Gentleman Jack Limited Edition bottle, seen above on this post. What this hunt made me realize though, was that I wasn’t the only one out there collecting Jack Daniel’s gear. I realized that people collected, and even collected extras, so that they could “trade” for other items to add to their collections.

A few short weeks ago, I stopped by Total Wine on my way home from work one day, something I occasionally do just to see if they have anything JD related in stock that I don’t have. This time, they did, they had Time Piece bottles, and multiple! I picked one up, and walked to the register, paying about 50% of what I paid for the bottle in Shelbyville. By the time I got home I started kicking myself for not buying a few, when I stopped by that Total Wine again they were completely out. I ended up checking another TW location the next weekend and picked up 3 more bottles so that I could start creating a stock of items that I could trade in the future!

If you’re looking for a Gentleman Jack Limited Edition Time Piece bottle, check out my Hunt List to see if you have something I need, maybe we can trade!

Release: December 2017
Proof: 100
Size: 1L
Price: $69

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