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Jack Daniel's Heritage Barrel 2019

  1 minute read Jack Daniel's Heritage Barrel 2019

Back again for 2019 is the Jack Daniel’s Single Barrel Heritage Barrel. In 2018 JD had a special release for this limited bottling, consisting of a rumored two hundred barrels, bottled in September 2018.

For 2019, Jack Daniels has once again released Heritage Barrel, this time, aging it 1 year more, and the rumors in collecting communities say that they bottled fewer barrels this year. Bottles were bottled on both 9/9/2019 and 9/10/2019, though rumors also say that there were fewer bottles bottled on the 10th.

Finding a bottle this year was difficult to say the least. I spent weeks driving to liquor stores, calling liquor stores, and looking online, to see if I could find a bottle. I got the run around at the Chesterfield Total Wine. Depending on who I asked I was told it hadn’t come yet, or that it came weeks ago and was already gone.

Lukas Liquors in Ellisville, MO came through though. They were super responsive on twitter, and super helpful when I was in the store multiple times inquiring about the bottle. They reached out via DM on twitter on Thursday, saying that the bottles had arrived and they were holding one for me! I took off at lunch and went to pick it up, not wanting to risk the bottle being sold to someone else!

The bottle itself doesn’t vary much, if at all, from the 2018 release, so we won’t bother covering all the details again, you can check out the 2018 post for those.

I ended up paying $80/each for my two bottles. Wait, what? Yeah, two bottles. Last year I only found one, and didn’t get to crack it open. This year I got two, with the idea that I’ll be tasting one of these.

Release: Fall 2019
Proof: 100
Size: 750ml
Price: $65+

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