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Jack Daniel's Holiday Select 2014

  2 minute read Jack Daniel's Holiday Select 2014

In our last blog post we covered the third in the Holiday Select series, in this one, we cover the fourth and final (as of 2018) release, the Holiday Select 2014 Limited Edition bottle from Jack Daniel’s.

This bottle, unlike all the other Holiday Select bottles comes in a box that has the face cut out to showcase the bottle. If you open the box, the back slides out and the bottle can be freed from the holder inside. The Sides of the box read Limited Edition 2014, while the back of the box (and the bottle) reads:

The 2014 bottling marks the first time I have chosen our Holiday Select barrels to be bottled individually. This year I wanted to showcase the depth and richness that a single barrel can offer and selected the most robust and complex whiskey I sampled. Each barrel is truly unique and we hope the bottle you’ve selected helps make your holiday special. - Jeff Arnette, Master Distiller

The shape of the bottle is a bit different than the earlier Holiday Select bottles as the Jack Daniel’s signature is towards the top, instead off on the right side as with the earlier bottles. The labelling on the bottle is a mixture of white and gold, and reads Limited Edition 2014 Jack Daniel’s Single Barrel Holiday Select Small Batch. The holly berry from earlier releases is missing.

In the photos below you’ll see two different bottles, one still boxed up, and one that I drank. For the 2014 Holiday Select release, I took my Family to Lynchburg, TN for the Jack Daniel’s barrel tree lighting and bottle signing event. I purchased a case of the 2014 Holiday Select bottles, and had those signed by Jeff Arnett and Chris Fletcher (Assistant Distiller). I gave most of the bottles away as gifts to friends and family, but kept three bottles for myself, one of which I chose to drink. That would be the empty bottle in the photos below.

The 2014 bottle is 48% Alcohol, or 96 Proof, down from 98 the year before. You can find it online at a few retailers, best price/stock I found was $199 as of December 10, 2018.

Release: December 2014
Proof: 96
Size: 750ml
Price: $89

How Much Is Jack Daniel’s Holiday Select Release from 2014

Originally priced around $89, you’ll be hard pressed to find it for anything less than $300

Collector Of Jack’s Value Assessment

If you can find it for under $250 you should pick it up!

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