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Jack Daniel's Single Barrel Rye

  1 minute read Jack Daniel's Single Barrel Rye

This post continues our series of blog posts about Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Rye. As the Rye has matured, we’ve gone from Unaged to Rested and now on to Single Barrel. In 2016 Jack Daniel’s released the Single Barrel Rye, a 94 proof Tennessee Rye Whiskey. Depending on where you acquired it, it may or may not have come with a box. The front of the box is adorned with:

Jack Daniel’s
Uniquely Crafted / Handmade Barrels
Single Barrel Rye
Tennessee Rye Whiskey”

The side of the box reads:

Single Barrel Rye
Hand Selected
Jack Daniel Distillery
Lynchburg, Tenn.

Towards the top of the rear box, the same graphic that adorns the front is found, below that you find:

Single Barrel Tennessee Rye Whiskey draws its wonderful flavor from a unique 70% rye grain bill, matured to perfection in our handmade oak barrels, positioned in the upper reached of our barrelhouses. Bottled at 94$, this is a big bold rye that does not overpower. Complex flavors of ripe fruit mingle with light toasted oak notes, allowing the rye grain to shine through, creating a taste rich with spice and a pleasant lingering finish. Enjoy this Single Barrel Rye neat, on the rocks, or in classic rye cocktails.

Inside the box you will find a bottled in the current Single Barrel form. The label reads the same as the front of the box (listed above) with the additional text:

47% ALC/VOL 750ML

Our bottle was bottled 2/25/2016 from barrel no. 16-1397, Rick No. L-4.

Single Barrel Rye can be found on store shelves for $50 (1/13/2019).

Release: 2016
Proof: 94
Size: 750ml
Price: $49

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