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Jack Daniels Special Release Coy Hill High Proof

Posted on March 17, 2022   2 minute read Jack Daniels Special Release Coy Hill High Proof

For 2021 the Special Release from Jack Daniel’s is known as the Coy Hill High Proof. It can come from one of two barrel houses up on Coy Hill near Lynchburg, #08 or #13.

While the previous Special Release bottles from Jack Daniel’s have been hard to find, this one saw demand like no other. Secondary prices for the bottle appear to be almost 10x retail. I hate to tell you what I paid for mine, not that much, but not much better.

The bottle comes in the familiar single barrel shape, with red labels with gold accents. The neck is unique in that on this bottle they also tell you the “barrel entry” date in addition to the bottling date. This is not something I’ve seen on previous Jack Daniel’s bottles.

It is a beautiful bottle, and if you can get your hands on one, I highly recommend you do. I am currently still on the hunt for another bottle or two so that I can open one up and have a drink!

The neck reads:

Special Release
Bottling Date: 9.24.2021
Master Distiller Chris Fletcher (signature)
Barrel No.: 21-8252
Barrel Entry: 8.17.12

The front label reads:

Jack Daniel’s
Uniquely Crafted Handmade Barrels
Single Barrel
Special Release
Tennessee Whiskey
Coy Hill High Proof
Aged up in the “Buzzard’s Roost” of our barrel houses on Coy Hill and bottled uncut at higher proofs.
Barrel House #08 #13

The rear/side label reads:

The special release series highlights our innovation in whiskey making here at Jack Daniel Distillery. Hand-selected from the highest parts of our barrel houses and bottles from single barrels, we extend this one-of-kind craftsmanship to you.

If you get a chance to pick up this bottle, it is highly recommended that you do so! I know I can find it in St. Louis, though the store that has it is asking $799 for it. If I can find another one around MSRP, or under $300 I will pick another up myself.

Release: 2021
Proof: 141.8
Size: 750ml
Price: $79.99

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