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Jack Daniel's Tennessee Bicentennial whiskey bottle

  1 minute read Jack Daniel's Tennessee Bicentennial whiskey bottle

In 1995 Jack Daniel’s released a 750ml bottle to celebrate the State of Tennessee’s Bicentennial for the year 1996. This replica of the 1896 Centennial bottle that Jack Daniel produced in limited quantities was available in in the US, and in international markets in a 700ml size. It is said that Jack Daniel himself designed this bottle 100 years earlier for the Tennessee centennial.

The front of the bottle reads:

Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Bicentennial Whiskey 1796-1996

The hang tag reads:

In honor of our state’s 200th birthday, we’d like to share a simple salute with you. Our Tennessee Bicentennial Bottle is a replica of the Centennial Decanter Mr. Jack designed back in 1896. And, like the decanter the whiskey inside has remained true to the original except for one special difference-it’s bottled at 96 proof in honor of this bicentennial year. Here’s to the enduring spirit of Tennessee tradition. 1796-1996

Where did you get it?

I got this bottle from my father. Where he got it, we aren’t quite sure. It has never been opened, still had the hang tag on it, and he has no other collectible bottles. For as long as I can remember, my dad has always drank Jack and Coke, almost ritually, one every night after work. Never more, never less. It is possible that he purchased it back in 1995, but my guess is that he likely recieved it as a retirement gift from someone when he retired from the Air Force in 1998.

Where To Buy

You might be able to find the bottle online, though prices will very wildly. Anywhere from a couple hundred dollars, to wayyyyy more than that.

Release: 1995
Proof: 96
Size: 750ml
Price: $Unknown

How Much Is Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Bicentennial Worth?

The value of the Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Bicentennial online ranges from $600 to nearly $1200.

Collector Of Jack’s Value Assessment

If you can find one of these bottles for less than $600 you need one of these in your collection! I might have an extra, feel free to reach out.

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