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Jack Daniel's Legacy Edition Series - First Edition

  1 minute read Jack Daniel's Legacy Edition Series - First Edition

The Jack Daniel’s Legacy Edition Series is a new line of bottles, with the First Edition, being released in fall 2018. The bottle sells for about the same price as your average 1/5th (750ml) of Old No. 7, and can be found in markets all over the United States (from our own experience we have found it in Nebraska and Missouri so far).

This First Edition bottle commemorates the colorful history of the Jack Daniel’s label, often associated with the tried and true Black and White label. This green and gold trimmed label was used some time before 1904, and has a nice red background behind the Old No. 7 emblem. The Jack Daniel’s inside is bottled at 86 proof.

It’ll be interesting to see what additional bottles are released under the Legacy Edition Series bottles.

Release: Summer 2018
Proof: 86
Size: 750ml
Price: $35

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