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Jack Daniel's Small Batch Coy Hill

Posted on June 29, 2022   2 minute read Jack Daniel's Small Batch Coy Hill

Hot off the presses and hot to the tongue, Jack Daniel’s has announced that this Friday starting at 8am at the White Rabbit Bottle Shop you can get the new Small Batch Coy Hill 375ml bottle!

Here is some of the press I’ve been able to find:

a very limited release small batch whiskey that we’ll be offering in Tennessee this summer, our Jack Daniel’s Small Batch Special Release Coy Hill High Proof.

Back in 2021 when we were bottling our Single Barrel Special Release Coy Hill High Proof, we found around 55 barrels where the Angel’s Share was so high the liquid inside could not be bottled as Single Barrel selections. When we found these barrels in our Coy Hill barrelhouses, we immediately knew we had something special.

Jack Daniel’s Small Batch Special Release Coy Hill High Proof has an aroma of burnt sugar, cooked fruit, and oak with notes of rich molasses and concentrated barrel spice with bold oak. It finishes long and full with layers of char, dried fruit, and caramel. Matured in the highest reaches of barrelhouses on Coy Hill, the highest elevation at the Jack Daniel Distillery, this Tennessee Whiskey is bottled at proof points ranging from 143.6 - 155.1. It is the highest proof whiskey that we’ve released to date.

The 375 ml bottles will be available in very limited quantities in Tennessee and at the White Rabbit Bottle Shop at the Jack Daniel Distillery with a suggested retail price of $55. The White Rabbit Bottle Shop will begin sales on Friday, July 1 at 8:00 a.m. There will be a limit of one bottle per visitor. We hope if you have a chance to try it, you’ll let us know what you think.

Due to the high barrel strength, the bottle should remain upright at all times unless pouring into a glass to enjoy. •

I am still trying to figure out if I can get over to Lynchburg this week, unlikely with such short notice, but who knows.

Don’t forget to read about the 2021 Special Release Coy Hill High Proof

Release: 2022
Proof: 143.6-155.1
Size: 375ml
Price: $55

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