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Jack Daniel's Twice Barreled Heritage Barrel Rye

Posted on December 4, 2023   2 minute read Jack Daniel's Twice Barreled Heritage Barrel Rye

The 2023 Special Release from Jack Daniel’s brings us another heritage barrel selection, and another twice barreled offering (like 2022) at the same time.

This year’s edition is a Rye, first barreled in new oak barrels, then followed up with a second maturing session in some extra toasty heritage barrels.

These 700ml bottles are bottled at 100 proof.

From the Jack Daniel’s Website

A SPECIAL TWIST ON OUR ORIGINAL HERITAGE BARREL EXPRESSION The Jack Daniel’s Single Barrel Special Release series highlights an annual limited innovation from the Jack Daniel Distillery and this year’s release is a twist on the original – Heritage Barrel. Twice Barreled Heritage Barrel Rye is a celebration of the whiskey-making traditions of our distillery and the barrel-making expertise of our cooperage. The 2023 Jack Daniel’s Special Release is a one-of-a-kind experience crafted from 70% rye, 18% corn, and 12% malted barley and twice barreled for a complex taste.

As with the heritage bottles lately, the labels are primarly screen printed on the bottle, with some paper label at the bottom on the front, and the rear (actually side) label is also paper.

Front Label

Jack Daniel’s
Uniquely Crafted Handmade Barrels
Twice Barreled
Special Release
Tennessee Rye Whiskey

Paper Label

Straight Rye Whiskey aged in new oak barrels and then matured in our handmade heritage barrels which are heavily toasted and lightly charred to create a unique flavor. 100 Proof | 50% ALC/Vol | 700ml

The back/side label is paper and reads:

Side/Back Label

Limited Bottle No. HBR-#####
This special release series highlights the Jack Daniel Distillery’s innovation. Our rye whiskey is matured in new American charred oak barrels and then in our uniquely crafted heavy-toast, low-char, heritage barrels. We extend this one-of-a-kind craftsmanship to you.

Previous Heritage Barrels

Release: 2023
Proof: 100
Size: 700ml
Price: $70
Bottling Date: 7/11/2023
1st Barrel Entry: 3/13/2015
2nd Barrel Entry: 11/18/2020

How Much Is Jack Daniel’s Twice Barreled Heritage Barrel Rye Worth?

Secondary for this bottle seems to be quite a bit less than last year’s release, usually around 175.

Collector Of Jack’s Value Assessment

Don’t spend more then $200 for a bottle.

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