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Uncle Nearest 1820

Posted on November 30, 2020   2 minute read Uncle Nearest 1820

Ultimately we need to do a blog post on Nathan “Nearest” Green, and his story within the world of Jack Daniel’s, but today we’re simply going to highlight the Uncle Nearest 1820 bottle of 11 year aged premium whiskey.

This bottle has been hard to find, I only acquired one by a chance raffle at a local store here in St. Louis. I obtained an entry buy purchasing some 1856 and 1884 bottles of Uncle Nearest (future posts on those coming).

I had the fortune of spending some time on a virtual whiskey tasting with a family member of Nathan Green and enjoyed it, that plus the ties to Jack Daniel’s made me an immediate fan of their product, but the fact that it tastes great too also helps!

The 1820 bottle is a single barrel, picked by founders of the Uncle Nearest distillery. The bottle is the same shape as the other Uncle Nearest bottles, only differing in label. The 1820 bottle has green labelling around the sides, while the 1856 has maroon and the 1884 has a vanilla color.

The front label reads:

Smoothest Whiskey in Tennessee Uncle Nearest 1820 Premium Whiskey Aged 11 Years Nearest Green Single Barrel Edition Maple Charcoal Filtered Aged in Charred Oak Barrels

The label at the bottom of the front reads the alcohol percentage (59.4), proof (118.8) and the bottle number (US-27)

The rear label reads:

Uncle Nearest 1820 Premium Whiskey Aged 11 Years Astonishingly smooth with a gentle finish, Uncle Nearest 1820 is inspired by the best whiskey maker the world never knew. Tennessee’s premiere master distiller and teacher, Nathan “Nearest” Green helped perfect the distinctive maple charcoal filtering that exemplifies the best of american whiskey. An 11-year old barre, hand selected and chosen by our founders, Nerest Green (TM) SIngle Barrel Edition pays tribute to his legacy and craft. Every drop tells a story. 9/108

I am assuming this is bottle 9 out of 108 for the barrel.

You might be able to order this bottle online, the Nearest Green Distillery has offered it up a couple of times this holiday season through Good luck!


Release: Varies
Proof: 118.8
Size: 750 ml
Price: $110

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