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Uncle Nearest Master Blend Edition

  2 minute read Uncle Nearest Master Blend Edition

In a previous post I covered the Uncle Nearest 1820. On previous trips to Lynchburg Tennessee I had tried to stop at the Uncle Nearest Distillery in Shelbyville, but the first time I stopped they were still under construction. The second time I stopped was their opening weekend, but it was still closed for a Green family event. Finally on March 4th of 2022 I was able to make a quick stop into the distillery.

The property looks amazing, I unfortunately didn’t get time to tour any of the facility, we just popped in to check out the shop on our rushed way back to Nashville after a visit to Lynchburg earlier in the morning.

At the bottle shop I was able to pick up a bottle of the Uncle Nearest Master Blend Edition, a limited edition only available at the distillery. I have yet to open the bottle, but plan to do so at a future tasting that I will be organizing.

The bottle comes in the standard Nearest Green bottle shape, the same as 1820, 1856 and 1884. The label however differs as there is no Number (year) to this bottle. The label is primarily a white/vanilla with maroon and gold text. The sides of the label are purple wrapping around the sides of the bottle.

Here are some of the details for the labels.

The front label reads:

Nearest Green Distillery Shelbyville, TN
Uncle Nearest
Master Blend Edition Premium Whiskey
“In every small batch I blend, there are a few barrels that really stand out. My goal with each blend, is to come as close to that of my great-great grandfaster, Nearest Green. His whiskey was known to be the best around. And we continue that legacy through this bottle.”
V. Eady Butler Fifth Generation Master Blender
Alc/Vol 61.45%
Proof 122.9
Blend No. 007

The rear label reads:

Uncle Nearest Master Blend Edition Premium Whiskey
Known as the ‘Godfather of Tennessee WHiskey’ Nearest Green was the World’s first known African AMerican master distiller. His astonishingly smooth whiskey began with new American oak barrels. A low barrel entry proof following filtration through sugar maple charcoal before resting in a non-temperature controlled rickhouse.
Blended to perfection using hand-selected barrels, Nearest Green’s legacy continues on through his fifth generation in this masterful blend.
Distilled and Aged in Tennessee
Bottled by Nearest Green Distrillery Shelbyville, TN

If you get a chance to pick up this bottle, it is highly recommended that you do so! Of course you’ll have to visit the Nearest Green Distillery.

Release: 2022
Proof: 122.9
Size: 750ml
Price: $149.99

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