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2024 High Roller Straight Bourbon Whiskey

  2 minute read 2024 High Roller Straight Bourbon Whiskey

When hobbies collide my world is at peak. I love taking photos, motorsports, and I love collecting whiskey. A good friend of mine from my auto racing hobby got into Monster Trucks a number of years ago. I’ve had the pleasure of seeing his monster truck crush cars at the BIGFOOT Open House a few times now and this year they released a bottle of whiskey featuring Jeff’s truck, High Roller II. I won’t get into all the details about the truck itself, you can follow them on social media for more about that.

Here’s some of the press release about the High Roller Straight Bourbon Whiskey

Antheum Spirits and Tennessee Legend Distillery are excited to unveil High Roller Straight Bourbon Whiskey, a spirit that pays homage to the storied High Roller Monster Truck, which has been a symbol of adventure and resilience since 1985. As we introduce this exceptional bourbon, we celebrate the truck’s rich legacy and the dedication of its current custodian, Jeff Krekeler. ​ Dive into the world of artisanal whiskey and monster truck heritage at our launch events. Join us at Tennessee Legend’s stores in Sevierville on March 22-23, and in Nashville on March 24, for days filled with tradition, excitement, and exceptional whiskey tasting.

​Jeff Krekeler, a passionate Monster Truck enthusiast from Farmington, Missouri, acquired High Roller with the vision of paying tribute to its monumental history. With the invaluable help of Rodman Hobbs, Robert Maize and an extensive team of dedicated friends and volunteers, High Roller was restored, reigniting its legacy for a new generation. ​ High Roller Straight Bourbon Whiskey, meticulously crafted and aged, reflects the essence of its namesake’s journey. It offers a robust palette of caramel, butterscotch, smoke, and leather, culminating in a bold 100-proof finish that honors the monster truck’s indomitable spirit.

“Our High Roller Straight Bourbon Whiskey is a salute to a cultural icon that has inspired awe across generations,” said Paul Francis, Co-Founder of Antheum Spirits. “It embodies a story of innovation and tenacity, and we’re excited to share this legacy through our whiskey.”

The bottle is pretty simple with a label on the front and a label on the rear, nothing on the sides.

The front of the bottle reads:

Straight Bourbon

The rear of the bottle reads:


Where to find High Roller Straight Bourbon Whiskey

You can order the bottle online via KegNBottle which is where I ordered my bottle.

Release: 2024
Proof: 100
Size: 750ML
Price: $49

How Much Is High Roller Straight Bourbon Whiskey Worth?

This being the first release, and potentially a limited run, these bottles ultimately might hold some value to High Roller Moster Truck fans in the future.

Collector Of Jack’s Value Assessment

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