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Jack Daniel's Tennessee Tasters' and Distillery Series

A list of bottles that are included in the combination of the Tennessee Tasters' and Distillery series releases from Jack Daniel's

The Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Tasters’ Series is a special line of limited-edition whiskeys from the iconic Jack Daniel’s Distillery. This series is designed to offer whiskey enthusiasts unique and innovative whiskey selections. Each release in the series is selected by Jack Daniel’s Master Tasters and showcases different methods of crafting whiskey, including varied grains, barrels, and maturation processes.

The series includes small-batch versions of experimental whiskeys, often available only at the distillery in Lynchburg, Tennessee, or in select markets. Examples from the series include whiskeys with high angel’s share barrels, experimental rye recipes, and unique finishing methods like hickory staves or maple barrels. Each bottle typically features details about the whiskey’s creation process, along with the signature of the taster who selected it, making them highly collectible for fans of the brand.

The Tasters’ series ended with the #7 release, 14E19 ‘Twin’ Blend Whiskey, and was then replaced with the Distillery Series which currently has 4 releases with a 6th originally scheduled for April 2024.

Both of these series have been released in simple 375ml bottles.

Tennessee Tasters’ Series

  1. Tennessee Tasters’ High Angel’s Share Barrels (2018)
  2. Tennessee Tasters’ Hickory Smoked (2018)
  3. Tennessee Tasters’ Series Barrel Reunion 1 (2019)
  4. Tennessee Tasters’ Barrel Proof Rye (2019)
  5. Tennessee Tasters’ Series Barrel Reunion 2 (2020)
  6. Tennessee Tasters’ Series Jamaican Allspice (2020)
  7. Tennessee Tasters’ 14E19 ‘Twin’ Blend Whiskey (2020)
  8. Distillery Series Maple Barrel Rye (2022)
  9. Distillery Series Toasted Oak Barrel Rye (2022)
  10. Distillery Series Pecan Wood (2022)
  11. Distillery Series Anejo Tequila Barrels (2022)
  12. Distillery Series Oloroso Sherry Casks
  13. Distillery Series Twice Barreled Tennessee Straight Rye Whiskey (@024)