Collector Of Jack Hunt list

A List of Things We're Looking For Hunt list

This site is where I document my collection, but I am always looking to grow that collection. This page is intended to be a list of Jack Daniel’s bottles and memorabilia that I am searching for, as well as things I might have available for trades. This is not an all inclusive list, I am definitely looking for more than this, so if you’ve got something you’re interested in parting with, let me know.

Items for I’m Looking For

  • Master Distiller Series No. 1 (1 Liter) (might have one coming, not sure yet)
  • Jack Daniel’s Alabama Bicentennial
  • Jack Daniel’s Barrel Proof Rye Special Release (2020)

Items for Trade

  • Gentleman Jack Limited Edition Time Piece Bottle
  • Tennessee Tasters’ High Angel’s Share Barrels (2018)
  • Tennessee Tasters’ Hickory Smoked (2018)
  • Tennessee Tasters’ Barrel Proof Rye (2019)
  • Master Distiller Series No. 3 (750mL)
  • Scenes of Lynchburg #6 (750mL)
  • Scenes of Lynchburg #7 (750mL)
  • Jack Daniel’s Holiday Calendar 2019
  • 2019 Heritage Barrel
  • Eric Church Single Barrel 2020
  • Eric Church Single Barrel 2019