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Tennessee Tasters' Barrel Reunion #1

  1 minute read Tennessee Tasters' Barrel Reunion #1

In March of 2019 Jack Daniel’s released the third bottle in their Tennessee Tasters’ series, Barrel Reunion #1, Straight Tennessee Whiskey Finished in Red Wine Barrels.

Notes: Rested at least 228 days in win barrel.
As a whiskey maker and a barrel maker, we see the barrel not simply as a container but as an ingredient. This unique whiskey began with a hand-crafted barrel that matured Jack Danie’s. Once emptied it aged fine Tennessee red wine. Then, finally it returned home to finish a small batch of our Tennessee Whiskey. What emerges from this second barreling are notes of caramel and oak with whispers of cherry and blackberry. We think you’ll be intrigued by this new finish and celebrate with us the reunion of our barrel and whiskey.

I picked up a few of these bottles at the Distillery in March 2019 and then picked up another bottle in Memphis on a trip in April. You can only find these Tennessee Tasters’ bottles in the state of Tennessee, so if you are considering a trip, be sure to get there soon! Rumor is there is another bottle coming out in 2019.

Release: 2019
Proof: 90
Size: 375ml

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