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Tennessee Tasters' High Angel's Share Barrels (2018)

  1 minute read Tennessee Tasters' High Angel's Share Barrels (2018)

In October 2018 Jack Daniel’s put out a press release announcing a new Tasters’ Series of bottles/releases. I won’t go into the full details of the press release, you can read it here, but I do want to document the releases as I acquire them!

Towards the end of the month they released the first two bottles in the series, High Angel’s Share Barrels and Smoked Hickory Finish. This post is about the High Angel’s Share Barrels release.

High Angel’s Share Barrels - whiskey barreled in January 2013 which offered an unusually low yield, presenting a unique and deep concentration of flavors with a dark color at 107-proof. Selected by Assistant Master Distiller and Master Taster Chris Fletcher. Available early-October.

These releases, are limited to around 24,000 bottles, and only available at the Distillery and in select stores in Tennessee. This had caused me to start looking at making a trip to Lynchburg to pick up some bottles for myself, but family events the past few weekends have prevented me from being able to make the 5-6 hour drive there (plus another 5-6 hours back).

This past Friday I found out that some fellow coworkers of mine were on their way to Nashville for a weekend getaway, so I reached out to them to ask them a huge favor, to do some hunting for me while they were there. I sent them a screen shot of the two new Tasters’ bottles, and asked them to see if they could find them while they were there.

Lucky for me they did! A big shout out to K-n-K for picking them up for me. Here are the photos of the High Angel’s Share Barrel bottle.

Release: October 2018
Proof: 107
Size: 375ml
Price: $49

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