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Jack Daniel's Tennessee Tasters' Series Jamaican Allspice

  1 minute read Jack Daniel's Tennessee Tasters' Series Jamaican Allspice

In the spring of 2020 Jack Daniel’s released the sixth bottle in their Tennessee Tasters’ series, Jamaican Allspice, Straight Tennessee Whiskey Finished with Toasted Jamaican Allspice Wood.

The label reads:

Our whiskey has found a home in countries all over the globe. So it’s only natural that we search the world to discover new and rare woods to compliment its character. Tennessee Tasters’ No. 6 is an exotic experiment that finishes our Old No. 7 whiskey with Jamaican Allspice wood. The result has a nose of fruit and smoke that melts into subtle, sweet tobacco and a taste that begins with dark spice and clove and lingers to finish long and bold. - Master Taster: Melvin H.

Notes: Finished for 180 days

As with all the Tasters’ Series these bottles were originally only available in Tennessee. I think you can still find it at the Distillery as of June 2021.

Release: 2020
Proof: 100 Size: 375ml
Price: $42.99

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