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Tennessee Tasters' Barrel Proof Rye

Posted on August 30, 2020   1 minute read Tennessee Tasters' Barrel Proof Rye

In July of 2019 Jack Daniel’s released the fourth bottle in their Tennessee Tasters’ series, Barrel Proof Rye, Straight Tennessee Rye Whiskey.

The label reads:

After tasting our Tennessee Rye Whiskey in its purst form - straight from the barrel - we longed to share it with our firneds. Maturing at the highest reached of barrel house #1-05 delivers a deep copper hue and a nose that opens with an aroma full of smoke and raisin, while each sip lingerswith moolasses, sawn oak, and bold rye spice. - Master Taster: Michael Myers

As with all the Tasters’ Series these bottles were originally only available in Tennessee. You can still find it in select TN stores for $39.99.

Release: 2019
Proof: 127.6
Size: 375ml
Price: $39.99

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