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Woodford Reserve's Kentucky Derby 150th Kentucky Bourbon

Posted on May 1, 2024   1 minute read Woodford Reserve's Kentucky Derby 150th Kentucky Bourbon

Woodford Reserve’s Kentucky Derby series of bottles is a special annual release that celebrates one of America’s most storied horse races, the Kentucky Derby. Each year, Woodford Reserve, a major sponsor of the Derby, issues a limited-edition bottle featuring artwork that pays tribute to the famous race.

This year’s special release features the artwork of Kentucky native Wylie Caudill, known for his bold, repetitive patterns, and his signature roses. His painting, “Adorned in Roses,” depicts a racing thoroughbred covered with red roses, with a background of multi-colored roses. -

Here are some key points about this series:

Annual Tradition: The tradition started in 1999, and each year a new bottle design is released to commemorate the Kentucky Derby, which is held annually on the first Saturday in May.

Artistic Bottles: The bottles are notable for their collectible artwork that varies each year. The art typically captures the spirit and excitement of the Kentucky Derby, featuring scenes from the race, the spectators, and the Churchill Downs racetrack where the event is held.

Artists: The artwork on the bottles is often created by different artists, making each year’s release unique. These artists include painters and illustrators known for their distinct styles, contributing to the bottles’ appeal as collectibles.

Special Edition Whiskey: The whiskey inside the bottles is Woodford Reserve’s premium Kentucky Straight Bourbon. Occasionally, the brand might vary the whiskey type, but typically it features their classic bourbon.

Launch Events and Signings: To mark the release of the Derby bottles, Woodford Reserve often organizes events, which can include bottle signings with the artists and tasting events at various venues, including Churchill Downs.

Charitable Aspect: Sometimes, Woodford Reserve ties the release of these bottles to charitable causes, raising funds for organizations related to the horse racing community and other local initiatives. Collectors of bourbon and horse racing enthusiasts often look forward to the release of these bottles each year, both for their aesthetic appeal and for their significance as a celebration of one of the most iconic sports events in the United States.

Release: 2024
Proof: 90.4
Size: 1L
Price: $59

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